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Andrew Platt

Andrew Platt is a lighting designer and visual artist from Knoxville, Tennessee. After moving to California in high school, Andrew pursued a degree and eventually a career in lighting and video. A chance encounter with visuals and projection art in 2017 turned a technical understanding into a creative drive, propelling him from the world of set and event lighting into live concert visuals. The founding and managing of Stranger Liquids has been both a creative exercise and preservation effort, as he both maintains and furthers an original American art form.

Liam Gillespie

Liam Gillespie is a multimedia artist and project manager located in Los Angeles, California. A multi-instrumentalist and appreciator of visual art from a young age, he found his home in the jazz, bass, and psychedelic music scenes. After developing his own light show and subsequently meeting Andrew, Liam joined the team and has helped push Stranger Liquids to new heights.

Jarius Fabian

Jarius Fabian is a freelance photographer and videographer based out of Los Angeles, California. His interest in photography, driven through an appreciation of the craft and love of music, led him to explore the live music scene around him. Sharing a mutual respect and understanding for the art form with founder, Andrew Platt, Jarius and Lucki Aki have helped to document and progress the liquid light artform since 2017. Over his time photographing Stranger Liquids’ shows, he soon became a show lead, developing and contributing his own visual art ingenuity to the production.

Jacob Sykes

Jacob Sykes is an experimental digital and sound artist from Santa Clarita, California. While studying poetry at Southern Oregon University, he discovered sound collage as art, and has been honing his skills as a performance artist under the moniker Nicotine Mantis. Developing his eccentric performances and exploring more avenues of expression, Jacob found himself involved with formation and development of stranger liquids. It was love at first "light." He quit his job of 5 years not long after, to fully immerse himself in the success of stranger liquids.

Meet The Team


Nathan Miguel

Nathan Miguel, born and raised in Los Angeles county, has always had a love for music and media. Together with Jarius Fabian, he started making short films and documentaries in high school and college before becoming a full fledged video and photo production crew under the moniker Lucki Aki. In 2017, Nathan met Andrew Platt through a mutual friend and together with Jarius Fabian started documenting the Stranger Liquids experience.


Noah Hoffman

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Chris Colley

Chris Colley is an event coordinator and freelance designer from Santa Clarita, California. As a lifelong enthusiast of film and music, he began working as a production assistant in major studio features and local transformative events during his youth. Chris joined Stranger Liquids after falling in love with the light show in 2017 and found his love for touring and live performance. The offspring of burners and an avid fest-goer, Chris focuses on cultivating and upholding safe spaces for everyone and values making connections and memories over all.


Billy Gruber

Billy Gruber is a percussionist & liquid artist based in Ohio. After studying world music & philosophy at BGSU (read: performing with bands & putting on house shows) he moved back to his ancestral home of Dayton Ohio. Hoping to find a new way to play with bands who didn't always call for a tenured hand drummer, Billy started the Synæsthetic Oil Spill. One fateful trip to a Socal Psycheout later and the Strangest of bonds was formed on site.


Anthony Diaz

Anthony Diaz is a mixed-media graphic artist and projectionist from Los Angeles, California. Fostering a fascination for the act of creation throughout his early life with his drawings, compositions, and the enjoyment of both live and recorded music, Anthony found himself involved intimately in the greater Southern California DIY community. The natural progression from putting ideas on paper to projecting them at scale lead him to collaborating and joining Stranger Liquids in 2018. This extended collaboration has lead him to develop his own visual brand and furthur his exploration of psychedelic imagery.


Jessica Giles

Jess Giles is a Long Beach, California local who experiments with visual arts including film photography and projections. Her work travels through different realms of self expression and individuality. She thrives on collaboration and has enjoyed the community aspect of Stranger Liquids. Vivid colors mold and layer within live audio to create a complete visceral experience + a unique representation of many minds working simultaneously.

Noah Hoffman is an experimental photographer and filmmaker from Mountain View, California. While studying film at the University of Oregon, Noah pursued his passion of photography by attending and documenting every concert he could. After graduating, and in the pursuit of honing his craft, Noah moved to Los Angeles and immersed himself. Through this he has met many collaborators, including fellow members of Stranger Liquids, and has found his place currently as a photographer, visual artist and projection technician with Stranger Liquids.

More crew added soon

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